PPG Platinum Program

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In 1979, BAPS committed to being a single line PPG distributor.  Since then, we have achieved the level of Platinum Distributor.  In 2014, BAPS achieved national recognition by being named PPG Platinum Distributor of the Year.   BAPS’ commitment to excellence coincides with the exceptional products and services offered by PPG.

Sharon Hogue and Dean Berkheimer, Co-Owners of BAPS | BAPS Auto Paints & Supply

Sharon Hogue & Dean Berkheimer, the brother & sister co-owner team who led BAPS to receiving national recognition


[blue_box]“Being part of the Platinum Distributor Program has been a critical factor in the growth of our company,” says co-owner, Dean Berkheimer, “The support we receive from PPG has been outstanding; the reps are always ready to help, always available.  The program provides the wide-ranging management and employee training that’s made a real difference in our success.  And, of course, we have top-quality PPG products to sell.  Put that all together, and our customers get great products, sound advice, and first-class customer service.  It’s win-win all the way around.”[/blue_box]


The PPG Platinum Distributor Program delivers competitive advantage by aligning the technology, training, and customer support of PPG with the entrepreneurship, customer awareness, local market knowledge, and service capability of the independent distributor.  Working together, we will grow our business, reduce costs, develop our employees, and be recognized as the industry leaders in meeting customer needs.  We will act responsibly toward the communities we serve, recognize and reward our success, share best practices, and honor our commitments.

[blue_box]Bob Wenzinger“Being named PPG Platinum Distributor of the Year is a significant achievement, and it’s a privilege to give the award to a deserving company,” said  Bob Wenzinger, Director of PPG’s Platinum Distributor Program. “This year I’m proud to say BAPS Auto Paint & Supply has earned this very special honor.  The company has repeatedly demonstrated its dedication to customer service as well as its exceptional support of and loyalty to PPG.  The team at BAPS has done an outstanding job addressing the requirements of PPG customers throughout their region.  I am happy to recognize BAPS Auto Paint & Supply as our Platinum Distributor of the Year.”[/blue_box]


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