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[blue_box]PPG offers a variety of resources to help them make the most of their opportunities every day.  As the global leader in transportation and industrial coatings, we offer the innovation, experience, and stability for our customer’s business needs.  Every year, PPG invests millions of dollars into research and development.  We offer unmatched comprehensive technical, process, and professional training.  Most importantly, we are focused on the refinish industry, dedicated to the highest level of service and quality.[/blue_box]


PPG PaintManager Logo | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyPaintManager is the advanced software program used by PPG distributors and in repair centers around the world to manage paint mixing operations.  It can be used to find formulations quickly and easily and mix colors from the extended color database of frequently updated formulations.


PPG RapidMatch X-5 | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyRapidMatch software will find the best available color match within seconds, increasing bodyshop productivity and optimizing the quality of the final repair.  Developed specifically for the automotive refinish industry, it is the only device that measures color from five reflective angles.


PPG Commercial System Selector Logo | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyThe PPG Commercial Coatings System Selector is designed to provide general guidance on selecting the proper Commercial Coatings systems for 15 market segments and 6 common industry substrates.



There’s a lot to know about collision repair.  That’s PPG has a team of technical experts to answer customer questions about PPG products and repair recommendations.  They have put together a list some of the more commonly asked questions and the PPG recommendations.


AdjustRite Commercial Estimating Homepage | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyThe ADJUSTRITE® system is a logic-based estimating platform that features the use of the actual truck model information.  The AdjustRite advanced technology is capable of producing accurate, detailed estimates based on a sophisticated database, compiled from truck parts and repair data.


PPG ColorMobile | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyAccess to color information easier and more complete—anywhere, anytime. The redesigned visual interface is simple and easy to navigate and results are now easier to view.  The new application is compatible with a broad range of smartphones, tablets and operating systems.


PPG PaintIt | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyThe web-based Paint It application provides a simple search feature to identify the right color for your next vehicle repair.  Paint It provides a digital representation of body and non-body motor manufacturers colors to assist in the visualization process.


PPG Online Color | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyPPG offers the latest color formula information for domestic and import vehicles online, updated daily.  Users have instant access to a color database of more than 2 million formulations.  This global database is updated continuously by PPG color laboratories around the world.


PPG Repaint Reporter | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyFor over 75 years, the Repaint Reporter has been providing industry news, features, technical tips, and more.  Read the latest issue online, or check out many of our past issues here!


Matte Finish Care Guide | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyA low-gloss finish is different from other automotive paints. Unlike a standard high-gloss coating, damage to a low-gloss coating caused by scratches or aggressive cleaning cannot be polished or buffed out.  Once an area becomes damaged or glossy, the original matte or low-gloss appearance cannot be restored.  This care guide will help maintain your low-gloss finish.


PPG Custom Restoration Guide | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyStandard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Custom Builders and Restorations was developed by PPG Refinish.  This guide outlines PPG’s recommended process for successfully surface prepping and painting your project.  Along with these SOPs, you should also refer to the helpful information contained in PPG’s product data sheets.


PPG Vibrance Collection | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyPPG Automotive Refinish has unveiled a new website focusing exclusively on its popular VIBRANCE COLLECTION® line of refinish products.  This website offers a wealth of product information, news, technical tips, and much more about the brand’s array of remarkable custom finishes.


PPG Refinishing Assumptions | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyThese assumptions are intended to be used by collision repairers for reference and support documentation to promote a better understanding of the refinishing process to their customers.


PPG Domestic and Import Color Code Locations | BAPS Auto Paints & SupplyUse this OEM Color Code Locations guide as a quick reference for locating the paint code on Domestic and Import vehicles.